Banca: Next Generation Cryptocurrency Investment Bank brings the best of Wall Street and Blockchain together

Investment Banking has been one of the strongest pillars of the financial industry over the years. With time, there have been many changes which redefined the overall functioning of the sector. Due to the rigid structure of the traditional investment banks, it can be really hard for the common users to make any real profits out of their trades.

Banca is latest form of investment bank community built on the blockchain technology. The basic working of Banca’s investment banking community concept is based on three different technologies clubbed together to give the best outputs and better opportunities for every user involved with the community. These three technologies that are used by Banca’s investment bank community are:

  1. Blockchain Technology
  2. Artificial Intelligence, and
  3. Big Data Processing

With the use of blockchain technology, Banca is aiming to contradict the notions around traditional investment banks and create an entirely new business model of the investment bank. Although the blockchain technology is associated with digital currency to generate rewards for the miners and maintain a public ledger with each and every transaction made through digital currency with time there have been major advancements in blockchain technology. The major advantage of blockchain technology is a decentralized mainframe which helps to eradicate all the biased decisions and insider trading involved with the centralized management of traditional investment banks.

A decentralized, uncorrupt and unbiased system with complete transparency will allow creating a more trustworthy and influential model of the investment bank.

Large Investment Banks use artificial intelligence for data collection, integration, and processing. But those advantages are limited to high-end clients and normal users are unable to receive fair chance to make any real profits. With Banca investment banking community, every user has equal opportunity as they employ artificial intelligence to provide all the advantages which were previously limited to just large investment banks. Artificial Intelligence and expert systems help to achieve a much more efficient automated management of the Banca ecological chain. Community banks will inherit all the advantages associated with large investment banks without the efficiency losses due to excessive levels and departments for data-transfer.

Data analysis is the backbone for understanding market trends which helps to generate more accurate recommendations for the related service providers for the customers. With the integration of big data analysis with the experience of the service providers at Banca platform to the community, it will help to provide much more accurate and useful data for the customers. This will facilitate the ICO customers to interface with the buyer’s group more efficiently and will further promote the service efficiency of Banca.

Advantages of Banca Investment bank community

  • It allows everyone an equal chance to participate and make the best of the facilities provided by an integration of latest technologies.
  • Its decentralized mainframe helps to eliminate any biased decisions and insider trading and provide every individual with equal opportunity.
  • Blockchain technology ensures that a public ledger is created and a complete exposure of each and every project available with complete transparency.
  • The public ledger is continuously updated and cannot be tampered with.
  • It gives an opportunity to make an investment with the information and data which wasn’t accessible by everyone before.

With Banca Community Bank, you will get the best of both worlds.

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