Blockchain Cuties – Full-Fledged Blockchain Match

Decentralized crypto game titles on Ethereum blockchain are blooming. They deliver a entertaining and easy way to study about the crypto economic system and introduce additional folks to the planet of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Crypto gaming now includes a notable aspect of the Ethereum blockchain.

Now we are likely to present you a manufacturer new match with awesome characteristics!

It is termed Blockchain Cuties and has what you would desire from a blockchain match.

1. Character Bio-Range

You are not compelled to perform with a one creature style, instead, you are free of charge to breed and obtain a whole lot of various animals! At this issue, in early beta, puppies, bear cubs, lizards, and cats are already accessible.

What is additional, each species of cuties has dozens of distinctive associates influenced by actual-planet animals-celebs and preferred tradition!

2. Experience PvP Manner, Yes YOU GET TO Combat AND Receive XP Without Expense, TIME-Based mostly!

Blockchain Cuties has a competitive flip-primarily based mode with roll-the-dice battles. Your cutie competes in opposition to cuties of other players or synthetic intelligence opponents at several locations. Each location has an effect on battles in different ways and has a distinctive loot drop assigned to it. Some locations may well randomly enhance cutie’s attack or defense stats, some — introduce a miss out on chance to the struggle. Right after the struggle, all cuties get the experience that is essential for the leveling-up course of action. Each pet can achieve a maximum of stage 5.

3. Usable Things

In journey mode, the winner-cutie receives a chance to get an product. Things are divided into two groups — wearables and consumables. The wearable artifact can be an product of manner or deliver distinctive bonuses in journey mode, this sort of as “+1 to dice roll” or “negation of miss out on chance added by location”. Each cutie has 3 wearable slots — remaining arm, overall body/head and appropriate arm and all of them can be employed to retail outlet an artifact! Wearable items are not just stat modifiers, they impact cutie’s look (except for distinctive cuties) and enhance its market place selling price.

Consumable items, e.g. potions, can alter cutie genes to give its owner superpowers, this sort of as an capability to modify generation, decrease breeding cooldown time and so on. Winning a Nobility potion lets you get started a substantial-born pedigree of noble bloodline cuties.

4. Asset Usefulness

You are the sole owner of all of your cuties and connected cryptographic belongings, you can trade or transfer them anytime to any individual. All belongings are handy, each cutie can be leveled up and geared up, as perfectly as enhanced with potions. You don’t need to get rid of it right after it has served its main objective — each creature can have his personal purpose!


Now, what are you waiting around for, get a pet, raise it and go and journey by yourself in the Blockchain Cuties adventures & fights!

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