Controversial Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings See DDoS attacks, false leakage classification

Last week, Weiss Ratings, American financial investment and investment classification firm located in Palm Beach, stated it would release the first professionally classifications of cryptocurrency. Classes were scheduled to be launched on Wednesday, January 24, and include famous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, NEM, EOS, etc.

However, on the eve of their release day, Weiss had a few speed hits and jams when he tried to distribute the inaugural notes.

Distributed Refusal of Service Attack Impedes Release

The night before the official launch of the classes, the Weiss Ratings site experienced a DDoS attack from Korean actors, the agency said.

Pursuant a blog post announced this morning by the Weiss Rating’s team. Weiss Ratings agents have been backed up all night, taking into account Korea’s denial of service attacks, as evidenced by the numerous mentions of Korean social media by a Congratulations Call Weiss Ratings Site. Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D., thinks the shooting was an “attempt to counter the release today.”

This post continues to tell that Weiss Ratings unusually receive visitors from Asia, most of their traffic coming from American onlookers. Last night, though, it dragged 100,000 unique visitors to some extent, almost entirely from Asia. Come in the morning, this traffic was shifted to Europe, and IT Weiss Ratings team hosted the inrush of visitors by growing the server’s cloud service capacity.

The DDoS attack temporarily left the Weiss Website damaged, and users were unable to access the site in the early hours of January 24th. Currently, the site is entirely operational again.

Meanwhile, fake notes make their rounds online

Following the DDoS attack, a string of false ratings started appearing on the internet on the day of the release of the correct score. Such a fake included an incorrect launch date on January 25 and gave Tonix an A ++ rating, a rating that does not exist in the Weiss system.

Examples of this false report soon became viral, reaching different platforms. A Steemit post of fraudulent ratings was announced this morning, being removed just after community members presented proof that the report was illegal. Also, the story Hit Reddit on r / cryptocurrency, even with its users raising the alarm to its apparent inconsistencies.

In reply to these falsified assessments, Weiss wrote that his consumers should carefully pass around such fraudulent reproductions, redirecting instead to Weiss’s subdomain cryptocurrency.

Many posts on Reddit and tweets have published seemingly legitimate evaluations. If we check these classifications with the classes that Weiss mentions in one of the blog posts – Bitcoin (C +), Ethereum (B), Novacoin (D), Steemit (B) – the ratings appear to be checked.

However, some members of the community are not convinced. A Twitter user urged caution when evaluating the report, arguing that “it seems Weiss’s site was hacked” and asked individuals not to “take any rating as such until we have confirmed official.”

Moreover, the links that circulate on Reddit to official ratings do not send browsers to the list I saw returned. Instead, users look at the offensive text that overlaps with what appears to be a pdf copy of Weiss’s cryptocurrency rating subdomain without a chart visible.

A CoinSquare publication, nevertheless, has released a statement following an article about issuing ratings that could reward such doubts. The statement states:

Coinsquare validated by phone with Weiss Ratings that the scores were begun today January 24, 2018. Weiss more clarified, going against rumors that their site was not hacked. Weiss also proved that they hold and their rating announcement statement are accurate.

According to a command page on Weiss’s website, subscribers can enjoy full access to Weiss’s cryptocurrency evaluation service for 468 USD.

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