Gaze Coin is Advertising Digital Serious Estate in a Breakthrough Model

Fuelled by its personal cryptocurrency, FXXX, Fantasy is a entirely-immersive VR purple-gentle district damaged into 18 themed sectors building up a virtual purple-gentle strip on a duplicate of Mars. The virtual metropolis, modelled on authentic-existence Amsterdam, is where by each avenue has a new topic and at the rear of each window a different fantasy. FXXX is launching by permitting investors to buy virtual authentic estate within a practical VR entire world by way of its new ERC721 lease token.

Promoted as a “virtual escape for your change ego” and fueled by Fantasy Coin (FXXX), the concept is as a great deal about tale and mastering about one’s interior self as it is about grownup enjoyment.

ERC 721 Lease Token & Existing Gaze Technological know-how

Fantasy is launching by permitting investors to buy virtual authentic estate within an now practical purple gentle district by way of its new ERC721 “rent” token. The virtual metropolis is now constructed with built-in Gaze Coin technologies that lets brand names or creators to give consumer benefits for engagement, tracking it on the blockchain.  Visitors use a Gaze Coin wallet to let access to their own channel and then use a freemium model to gain access to quality material by buying the variance. Home proprietors may well also use an ERC721 lease token tied to their house to gain a trackable share of revenues earned by tenants who have the token.

FXXX supplies new price for Gaze Coin holders who acquired for the duration of its ICO in December 2017.  It demonstrates how Gaze Coin technologies, which provides VR material to buyers with no VR headsets through WebGL, a constructed-in blockchain marketing system and a virtual entire world token generator, can get the job done commercially proper off the bat.

The Fantasy Crimson Light District pre-sale begins on September 16th, 2018 at 12:00pm EST and will very last by way of November 30. “High noon” was picked out as it is the same time as the starting of the historic Oklahoma Land Hurry in 1889.

Existing Gaze Coin holders can transform their Gaze Coin into Fantasy Coin and receive an computerized utmost reward. They can then pick to both transform these into house or even hold them – as Fantasy Cash will be expected to working experience material in the Fantasy zone.

Receive a 10% reward as lengthy as they buy for the duration of the presale period.

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