Shivom – Making Genomic Sequencing Data Accessible and Affordable

Shivom is creating a medical genomics ecosystem on the blockchain and will offer an open web marketplace for other healthcare providers to add their apps and services alongside genomic data analytics and personalized medicine.

The world of healthcare is changing. Two revolutionary technologies, genomics, and blockchain are poised to significantly improve health and well-being across the globe. Genomic medicine can enhance the understanding and treatment of as many as 7,000 rare diseases, alongside cancers, complex and long-term disease such as cardiovascular and neurodegenerative conditions, and infections.

Shivom is focused on the transformational convergence of OMICS technologies with blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to enable secure and personalized medicine with global scalability.

Problem Description and Solution

Most healthcare systems in the world are failing due to financial problems. Shivom’s goal is to take the pressure off the system by ensuring people have properly tailored medicine.

Previously genome sequencing was expensive, but costs are drastically reducing making sequencing more readily available. This trend can be accelerated with the help of Shivom which is able to map a person’s genome, unlocking information on diseases they are predisposed towards, and storing this information on its secure blockchain, accessible only to the individual.

We need more genomic data donors, but on the other hand, an increase would lead to issues around data ownership. This is the exact reason why we need blockchain. Dr. Schumacher has said that the platform would let individuals own and control their own data, enabling them to either sell or donate their information to research institutes and pharmaceutical companies across the world. Currently, genomic sequencing providers often sell genomic data for their own profit whilst donors aren’t compensated in any way, which is not right.

Shivom is building a platform that gives research institutes easy access to a large database of genomic data at an affordable price (cutting out expensive genomic sequencing data providers). The platform enables trust, clear data ownership, and data integrity. Shivom wants to implement complex data rights management through the use of smart contracts.

In general, genomic sequencing provides many benefits:

  • Identifying the best course of care for patients with a particular condition.
  • Prevention of disease in healthy individuals.
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Finding the most effective medicine.

How Does Shivom Work?

  1. Sign up for Shivom
  2. You receive a kit in the mail or upload your own DNA sequence.
  3. Collect your saliva and send it back. Shivom will analyze your DNA sequence
  4. Get information on your ancestry and personal health.
  5. Donate your genome to research for free or profit.

Token Use and Distribution

The OmiX token is the fuel of the Shivom ecosystem. You can do the following with the token:

  • Buy a genomic sequencing kit.
  • Sponsor sequencing projects.
  • Access the genome database (buy data to be used in research).
  • Pay donors for data or participating in a study.
  • Services providers that want to make use of the platform will use the OmiX token.

Three billion tokens will be distributed, of which, 990M tokens will be sold in the ICO. The company holds a 600M Omix company reserve. ICO funds distribution:

  • 25% – laboratories
  • 21% – partnerships and marketing
  • 20% – platform development
  • 11% – operations and business development
  • 10% – non-profit R&D
  • 6% – data storage
  • 5% – legal
  • 2% – proof of concept

Shivom’s Background

The Shivom project was founded in Germany at the beginning of 2017. The blockchain start-up is led by some of the world’s leading experts in the field. Shivom is looking for $96 million in their ICO to cover the expenditure to support the commercialization of its technology.

Shivom’s Team

Co-founder and chief executive of Shivom, Axel Schumacher, has a PhD in genetics and 20 years of experience in the field. He is the Author of the ‘Blockchain & Healthcare Strategy Guide,’ the standard compendium for the healthcare industry. Axel translates scientific discoveries into practical applications to help understand, diagnose & treat complex disorders, but also to promote cutting-edge technologies that could transform precision medicine and the way we age.

Gourish Singla has a background in investment banking and wealth management, Gourish is an accomplished business leader, angel investor and social entrepreneur with a focus on performance, growth, and innovation. He drove $30m+ revenue in his last venture into a highly competitive marketplace and has founded three successful companies in the digital health space.

Natalie Pankova is an experienced Director in 2 early stage health tech companies. Natalie is skilled in operations, business development, investor relations, and R&D. She holds a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, with a research focus on ophthalmology, inflammatory diseases, diagnostics and personalized medicine.


  • Data rights management through smart contracts
  • Trust, clear data ownership, and data integrity using the blockchain
  • Cutting out expensive genomic sequencing data providers
  • Users can sell their genomic data at an affordable price to research institutes.
  • A strong team with a lot of experience in the field.


  • No product/prototype developed yet although the roadmap claims to release a beta version of their platform in Q1/Q2 of 2018.
  • Very high cap, although we agree this is an expensive medical service.
  • No partnerships yet as we believe this is crucial to have the support of the medical world.

The Bottom Line

It’s great to see the medical world advance to blockchain solutions. In our opinion, this is a very promising ICO as it can save people’s lives. This project cuts out expensive genomic service providers and allows people control of their genomic data. People can also decide whether they want to donate their genomic data for free or for a small payment to a research institute. The team looks very promising as they are very knowledgeable on genomic data with a couple of Ph.D.s in this field.

Other Details

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No dates listed for ICO yet

No price listed for the token (OmiX)



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