Sp8de aims to revolutionize the gaming industry

Sp8de – implemented within a protocol created and maintained by the scientists – pioneers in the realm of blockchain innovation and cryptography development, has its aim to revolutionize the ever-growing gaming industry as we know it today using the Cardano blockchain.

The Sp8de ICO has a unique distribution schedule that combines Sale phases and Jackpot phases where participants in the Sale phases also have a chance to win large Jackpots!

Currently, the Sp8de ICO is entering its final and largest Sale phase where 1,888,888,888 SPX will be available for distribution. In addition, Jackpot III and Jackpot IV are to be drawn with 886,868,686 SPX and 905,050,511 SPX, respectively!

So far during the Sp8de ICO 866 million SPX has been sold to the investors.

Pre-Sale: about 749 million SPX was sold or 84% of all tokens in this phase!

In Sale I: over 100 million SPX was sold or 26% of all tokens in this phase!

In Sale II: nearly12 million SPX was sold or 2% of all tokens in this phase!

In Sale III: almost 4.5 million SPX was sold so far or 0.5% tokens in this phase!

So far over 26% of the ICO has been closed by collecting over 8900 ETH of the 31000 ETH planned!


Unsold tokens are NOT burned! These tokens are distributed among investors in order to ensure equality as follows:


This increased Jackpot I by almost 30% or to 374 million SPX also Jackpot II was increased by nearly 37% or 532 million SPX and Jackpot III will be increased by approximately 11% to nearly 989 million SPX.

In addition, those tokens that are not distributed to Jackpot winners and to the Sp8de Foundation will be given away in the form of Jackdrop!

Jackdrop is basically an airdrop of unsold tokens to all investors in proportion to their investment in the ICO. So far, the total amount of tokens to be Jackdropped is nearly 1.3 billion SPX and all unsold tokens from Sale IV will be added to this number.

For more info – https://sp8de.com/


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